A product for Diabetics with frequent lows.

How it Works


Step 1: Start the Timer

When you feel or observe a low BG, tap a button to start your 15 minute HypoGuard timer. Your safety-net will have now been activated.


Step 2: Receive Support

Once you start your timer, an initial alert will be sent to your support group explaining that you have a low blood sugar. Your location will be sent to them in case of an emergyency (see step 4).


Step 3: Stay Safe

If you raise your BG to normal levels before the timer expires, tap "Send All Better" alert to notify your support group that you are feeling better.


*Step 4: In Case of Emergency*

At the end of the 15 minutes, we will attempt to call you. If you have lost consciousness during the course of the timer and are unable to respond, emergency notifications will be sent to your support group instructing them to contact first responders on your behalf.